What is your color

Determine shades

If you think to renew your home and any of your furniture but you are fluctuate in choosing the color then we would like to give you some advice.


By this fair and matte shades create relaxing atmosphere in your home.

Lemon yellow –Ceramic color

Yellow vitality and naturalness will bring positive energy to your office.

Dirty white –Iron blue

By white while making limpidity and simplicity to your walls, by iron blue bring your home sea air.

Light gray- mustard

You can make relaxing appearance in your home by light gray but by mustard you can reflect the light of your home.

Dark blue- dark gray

While combining these colors for elegant appearance if you use gray less you will complete your home color. You can get modern appearance by sand-coloured sofa.

Dark red- golden

If you want to create heavier concept in your home, combine golden with dark red.

You can apply golden color to doors edges or interior parts.

Pink – Ivory-Ground color

If you want to receive romantic appearance, you can use accessorizes with light goldish yellow together with these colors.