Did you choose colour for your rooms?

Even if you decide to paint your house, it is difficult to choose the right colour.

To find the colour you can be inspired by your wardrobe.

While you define the colours of walls it will be easy if you know the psychological influence of the colours for people.

Professionals consider that the colours have influence for people.

They suppose it is necessary to paint each room different colour relative its function.

What colours you should use for different rooms?

Sitting room

You can create pleasant zone in sitting room with red, ground colours, yellow and orange. This kind of colours can make pleasant environment for conversation.


You should nature colours in kitchen. Shades of blue and white have hygienic and  calming influence in kitchen. Red and yellow are used for appetizing in restaurants. If you have not any problems with weights, you can use these colours.


Colours chosen for bedroom affect your sleep. You should prefer matte and neutral colours instead of dark colours. Scene-painters advise specially shades of blue and green. Besides you can taste rest with beige, sand-colour and yellow.