Description: It is limpid and faded solvent composed of strong solvents. Characteristics: All kind of polyurethane upper layer painting is used for the dilution of ground and varnish and cleaning of paint tools. Polyurethane is a limpid and faded solvent with special smell providing spreading smoothly in based paint and varnish. It is bright and highly inflammable liquid. Usage: 1. Preparation of the surface: The surface where fixing is applied should be prepared necessarily. 2. Implementation: Sobsan Polyurethane Solvent is mixed with, paint, ground or varnish appropriately for the implementation of Sobsan Polyurethane upper layer painting with brush, roller or special tool(paint-pistol). Brightening point: <21°C Keeping condition: It may be kept for 2 years in its original box, 5-35°C where there is not direct sun ray. It should be protected against heat and humidity. Important warnings: The solvent should be kept away from the fire. It is prohibited to smoke near the solvent. The lid of the solvent package should not be kept open for a long time. It is needed to ventilate (to air) well the areas where it is used. It should be pay attention the correlation of the dilution of paint and varnishes. Danger warnings: R 11: Highly inflammable. R 20/21/22: It is harmful for health when breathing, touching and swallowing. Safety warnings: S 2 : Keep where it is unacceptable for children. S 3 / 7 / 9 : Keep the box closed, cool and well ventilated places. S 16 : Put away from the flammables, do not smoke. S 24 / 25 : Keep away from eyes and skin. S 29 : Do not throw it to sewerage. S 46 : Apply to the doctor immediately when it was swallowed, show the container and label. S 51 : Use only where well ventilated.