Description Tar based Polyurethane is a varnish composed of two components, semimatte and applied in last layer. Characteristics It may be used for the purposes of decoration and protection in the furniture industry, cover and wooden surfaces. It is durable against stroke, rubbing, scratching and foreign influences and unsullied, slippery, in the appearance of gloomy or silk gloomy because of Polyurethane base. It is applied to wooden surfaces as well as may apply as upper layer varnish over cellulose, Polyurethane or polyether varnishes prepared rightly beforehand. Usage 1. Preparation of the surface: The surfaces where the varnish will be applied should be solid, clear, humid and refined from oil. The wooden surfaces that will be painted for the first time may be grounded with wooden protector before applying varnish. The surfaces should be filled Polyurethane filling varnish, smoothened and refined after drying. The varnish of the last layer may be applied at least 12 hours later after applying filling varnish 2.Mixture correlation (for heaviness) Polyurethane semimatte varnish: 4 units / Polyurethane semimatte varnish fixer: 1 unit Implementation 4 units Polyurethane semimatte varnish 1 unit is mixed well with Universal fixer. The ready mixture is diluted with Polyurethane solvent in 30-40% correlation. Polyurethane semimatte varnish is applied with paint tool in two layer. It is needed to wait at least 2-3 hours between layers. Area where the varnish is applied 8-10 m2 area may be varnished for one layer with 1 kg Polyurethane semimatte varnish. Protection period (20°C) Drying period for touching: 30-40 minutes, drying period for the absorption of dust: 15-20 minutes, whole drying period: 24 hours. Brightening point: <21°C Keeping condition It may be kept for 1 year in its original package, 5-35°C where there is not direct sun ray. It should be protected against heat and humidity. Important warnings Sobsan Polyurethane matte / silk matte should be mixed well before applying varnish. It is needed to pay attention to the mixture correlation and prepare less mixture for not wasting the solution because it is impossible to use it after the usage date expired. The temperature should be 5-35°C while applying it. After every usage of it the tools should be refined with Polyurethane solvent. The varnished surfaces should be protected from physical and chemical influences for 48 hours. The varnish does not have to be thrown to sewerage and water canals. Application should be carried out as mentioned above. Danger warnings R 11: Highly inflammable. R 20/21/22: It is harmful for health when breathing, touching and swallowing. R 36 : Irritates eyes. Safety warnings S 2: Keep where it is unacceptable for children. S 3 / 7 / 9 : Keep the box closed, cool and well ventilated places. S 16  : Put away from the flammables, do not smoke. S 24 / 25   : Keep away from eyes and skin. S 29: Do not throw it to sewerage. S 46 : Apply to the doctor immediately when it was swallowed, show the                            container and label. S 51   : Use only where well ventilated.