Description: Polyurethane-based, consists of two components, matte (dusky) varnish for the last layer. Features: It may be used easily in furniture industry, cover and wood surfaces for decoration and protective purposes. Because of its polyurethane-based feature it is durable against blow, friction, scratches and other external impacts, it does not turn pale, it is slippery and bright-looking. Besides using on wood surfaces directly, this can be put on as top layer varnish on the pulp, polyurethane or polyester varnishes which are prepared before in a right way. How to use: 1.Preparing the surface: Surfaces which will be varnished, should be solid, clean and should be purified from moist and oil. Wood surfaces which will be varnished for the first time can be primed with wood protector. Surfaces should be filled with Polyurethane Filling varnish, smoothed out and cleaned after drying. Varnish for the last layer can be put on at least 12 hours later after filling varnish put on.

  1. The ratio of mixture (according to heaviness):
Polyurethane matte varnish: 4 unit/ Polyurethane packing 1 unit
  1. Applying method: 4 units Polyurethane matte varnish is mixed well with 1unit Sobsan matte varnish packing. Prepared mixture is diluted with 40-50% ratio Polyurethane solvent.Polyurethane matte is put on twice with paint tool. It needs wait at least 2-3 hours among layers.
Varnished area: 8-10m2 area can be varnished once with 1kg   Sobsan Polyurethane matte varnish. Time for getting dry (20oC): Getting dry time for touching: 30-40 minutes, getting dry time for not taking dust: 15-20 minutes, time for completely getting dry: 24 hours. Flare point: <21oC Keeping method: It can be kept in5-35oC place, which does not take sunshine directly, in its original unopened case. Important warnings: Polyurethane matte varnish should be mixed before it is used. After the expiration date of the mixture because of its uselessness and in order not to take it as expense, you need to pay attention to the mixture ratios and prepare small mixtures. The temperature of the environment should be 5-35oC while applying. Tools should be cleaned with Polyurethane solvent after every use. Varnished surfaces should be protected from physical and chemical impacts during the 48 hours. Strictly, varnish should not take throw to sewerage and water channels. Applying of the product should be realized that is mentioned above. Danger Warnings: R11:May be easily flashed R20/21/22: It is dangerous for health while breathing, contacting with skin and swallowing. R36:Irritate eyes Security Warnings: S2:Keep away from children. S3/7/9: Keep the box well tied condition, in a cool place equipped with good ventilation system. S16: Keep away from the fire and do not smoke. S24/25: Keep away from eyes and skin. S29: Do not throw away to sewerage. S46: In case of swallowing consult doctor and show the case of product and etiquette. S51: Use only in well equipped ventilation areas.