Description: Polyurethane is tar based, double component consisting varnish with high tamping capacity. Characteristics: possible to be easily used in furniture industry, cover and wooden surfaces to achieve smooth surface. The product is of high tamping capacity, easily drying and smoothing varnish. Easily absorbs, non-cracking creates opportunity for final varnishes to form smooth surface.

  1. Use form:
Surface preparing: Wooden or cover surfaces should be firm, clean and free from moist and oil. If required the surface should be polished by roller № 220. Before application surface may be covered by wood protection material.
  1. Mixture coefficient (on heaviness):
Polyurethane tamping varnish: 2 units / Universal fixer: 1 unit
  1. Application form: should be properly mixed with 2 units polyurethane tamping varnish 1 unit Universal fixer. Prepared mixture should be got pure with polyurethane decisive in 50% correlation, applied through paint brush for two or three times. 2-3 hours break should be between layers. Surface should be smoothed through polisher № 220 first, then polisher № 400, prepared for final varnish application after 2-3 hours in summer, 12 hours in winter.
Varnish application area: if applied to form 45-50 µ dry layer density in one layer, 10-12 m2 should be covered through 1 liter. 8-10 m2 may be covered with 1 kg Sobsan polyurethane decisive. Drying period (20°C): Drying period to touch: 25-30 min. Dust absorption period 10-15 min. Smoothing: minimum 3 hours. Complete drying period: 12 hours Glittering point: <21°C Storage: may be stored at 5-35°C, kept free from ultraviolet rays in unopened original package within 1 year. To be preserved from over heat and humidity. Warning: Mix before application of polyurethane tamping varnish. Product use is not possible after expiry date end, thus to avoid materials waste mixture coefficient should be taken into account and small mixtures should be prepared. Environmental temperature due to application should be 5-35°C. After each application tools should be cleaned with polyurethane dissolvent. Polyurethane tamping varnish applied surfaces should be kept physical and chemical impact within 24 hours. Sobsan polyurethane tamping varnish should not be thrown into sewerage and water canals. Application should be carried out above mentioned ways   Danger warnings: R11:Highly inflammable R20/21/22: dangerous for health while breathing, skin contact and deglutition R36:Irritate eyes. Safety warnings: S2:              Keep away from children S3/7/9:        Keep the package in closed, cool and well-ventilated areas. S16:            Keep away from fires, no smoking. S24/25:       Keep away from eyes and skin. S29:            Don’t throw to sewerage. S46:            When swallowed ask to the doctor, show package and etiquette S51:            Use only in well-ventilated areas.