Technical details you should think before painting

You can think the furniture does not reflect your house sufficiently, then change your walls!

Actually only thing you should know for it is painting techniques appropriate to house.

You can hide some faults by painting your house.

You can get more beautiful view by painting small rooms with fair paints. If your ceiling is low, then use fair paints for it and dark paints for walls. By painting the back parts of library, shelf and columns with different colours you can make changes.

Create hues of colour in sitting room and wide rooms!

To make large rooms more energetic and noticeable paint the same hues of colour opposite walls or use the same hue of colours adjoining walls.

Before beginning to paint your house, you should pay attention the colour of the floor. Walls should be fairer than the floor, because firstly fair and alive colours arrest people’s attention.

If the floor was darker, your attention would be directed to the floor constantly.