Panel-wall impact since Ancient Times Nowadays

Panel view used at your house together with the paint will reflect character of your house.

In Ancient Rome Panel-wall view made for the decoration and architectural purpose are in the progress nowadays.

At the same time, if the Panel-walls are assembled in the correct place, the intensity and creativity will indicate your house much more spacious.

Have an unlike view to your room

Before transmitting such tender and ancient appearance into your house deeply consider your furniture and decorations.

After application of panels decoration of your room will be changed completely. Don’t forget, background colour of panels is very important.

The darker the panels background colour , the more intensity effect will increase.

In Ancient period, wall panels were used to make small houses more widely, afterwards it turned an art.

Working with the correct material or having keen eyes may allow you to apply this style to your house, make small places visually wide and to make unlike style.